About me.

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Picture by Mikkel Juel Gregersen


Based in Aarhus, Denmark, I work as a mixing engineer specializing in music with an electronic and rhythmic flair to it. When I am not mixing for others or creating music myself, I try to broaden my horizons and challenge myself musically to also stay on top of musical trends and techniques.



Since I was a kid, I’ve always known the importance of music and sound. It’s used everywhere – from the obvious places, such as radio stations, music in restaurants and stores, as well as songs in commercials, to the less obvious places, such as the melodies you hear when your train reaches your destination or the little ding when you receive a text. With all these sounds incorporated into our everyday life, it is easy to forget just how much work goes into that little train jingle, not to mention an entire song, even after the song or jingle itself is composed.

I first got a taste of the magic of the minute details when I fell in love with house music and began to DJ and compose my own music. Since then, I have constantly striven towards understanding music and how to make sure that the sounds and instruments in it reach their ultimate potential. As a means of gaining this understanding, I majored in music and mathematics in High School. This helped me not only understand how to build up a song, construct its development etc., but also gave me insight to how sounds and music physically operate. This has later helped me in my work as both a mixing- and mastering engineer. Though these skills are predominantly technical, I have found that they have also helped me understand how music can create emotions and how they can symbolize different things to us, such as happiness, grief, anger, warmth or sadness, as well as how to help artists incorporate these emotions into their work.

Though emotions and characteristics such as the aforementioned can be clearly conveyed through genre and choice of chords and instruments, I find that the minute details I work within mixing and mastering have the same impact in creating a complete sound universe. I try to bring my flair to a song through these details while enhancing the artist’s unique sound universe and the emotions and characteristics of the song. In other words, send me your song and I will add that glue that makes it come together.